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  • Fiat 600 Multipla
  • BMW 327 Cabriolet
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  • Fiat 600 Multipla
  • BMW 327 Cabriolet
  • Austin Healey 3000 MKII

Classic Cars

Dream Garage specializes in buying and selling classic cars and modern motor cars. We offer assistance to people looking to buy their long cherished dream.

This dream is different for different people. For example, one customer may prefer to drive his car all day long, while another will prefer to safely transport his ‘as new’ dream car from one classic car show to the next on a trailer. They nonetheless both have one thing in common: they are fully enjoying being the owner of a glimpse of vintage glory: a stunningly beautiful classic car.

Another important factor with regard to the buying and selling process is the price/quality ratio. The value of a classic car now and in the near future is determined by many different factors. For example, the car’s history, both with regard to is economical and emotional value is also of importance aside from its outer appearance and state of maintenance. Furthermore, the number of vehicles produced, accompanying documentation, accessories, possibly even an appearance in a well-known film or television series and a famous previous owner all play an important role in addition to the car’s physical state.

Currently, rare classic cars are auctioned that, in spite of not being in top condition, are being sold for more than identical cars that received high-quality servicing and are in ‘as new’ condition. Is this madness or simply the consequence of supply and demand? It seems that some buyers attach more importance to a car’s authenticity than they do to its physical condition. After all, a car can be in its original state only once. Once repaired, there is no going back to the old state. For this reason, extremely rare classic cars that are authentic and have not been restored will become increasingly difficult to find.

Whether you are looking for a show car, a car you intend to drive all day long, a restored or authentic car, a convertible, coupé or saloon car, we will go to great lengths to help you find your dream car. Have a look at our collection and immerse yourself in a bygone era of timeless and stunningly beautiful motor cars.

At a stone’s throw from the conference centre MECC in Maastricht, home to Holland’s largest annually-held classic car show Interclassic, our showroom is located in the nearby city of Gronsveld.

You are very welcome to visit our showrooms (by appointment only).
Please call us or make an appointment to leisurely stroll around our showroom (+31-43-3114158 of info@dreamgarage.nl)

  • Ford GT on cover leading Dutch magazine 'Autovisie'

    Ford GT on cover leading Dutch magazine 'Autovisie'

    The Ford GT of Dream Garage took part in the Ultimate Supertest of the leading Dutch magazine 'Autovisie'. As you can see the Ford GT has a prominent place on the cover of the Magazine.

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  • BMW 327 Convertible on brochure Interclassics

    BMW 327 Convertible on brochure Interclassics

    For the last few years there is an exclusive preview night at the Interclassics show in Maastricht. This year the BMW 327 Sport Convertible of Dream Garage is featured on the brochure of this event.
    Sadly we have to disappoint people who are interested in the car. It was recently sold to a car enthusiast in the Netherlands.

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