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  • Austin Healey - Austin Healey 3000 BJ8

Austin Healey - Austin Healey 3000 BJ8

Austin Healey
Austin Healey 3000 BJ8

Porsche 930 3.3 Turbo  (1987)
Only 62.000 km and in a top condition!

Looking for a superb 930 3.3 turbo? This is the car for you...

This matching numbers black beauty tick all the boxes.
Mechanics, seems, paint, upholstery, instruments ..... Check, check, check.....

This car was manufactured by Porsche in 1987 as a Euro model. It was equipped with several desirable options like the airconditioning, sunroof and a limited slip differential. The car was delivered in the excellent black-black color combination.

Moving on for over 31 years, this car is as stunning as it was in 1987. 

The matching number engine of this car has benefit from a light rebuild by a Porsche specialist lately, replacing all gaskets and still is running as strong as in 1987.

The body is superb, accident free and without any noticable scratches or dents in the deep black paint.

The underfloor/bottom of the car is in superb condition still wearing the wax coat applied by Porsche during manufacturing. 

This Porsche is registered in the Netherlands.

A 911 turbo in this condition is a true rarity and a must have for the Porsche enthousiast. It will bring joy, excitement and a lot of driving pleasure to the new owner and makes a solid investment for the future, 

If you require more information on this or any other car in our sales collection, please feel free to call or mail. 
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  • Original spare

The Porsche 911 G-models were build from 1974 till 1989 and were available in different versions. There was a S , SC , Carrera version and since 1975 the very popular and groundbreaking turbo. The turbo versions were made from 1975 to 1989 and were known as type 930. During the entire production sequence the 930 was the absolute 911 top model and when it was launched it was the fastest production car for sale in Germany.

The 930 was delivered from 1975 to 1977 with a 3.0 liter engine that produced 260 hp. To make sure that the high amount of power could be handled the original 911 was changed drastically. The suspension was changed, bigger brakes were fitted and there was a stronger gearbox implemented with a four-speed transmission. One of the most striking solutions was the characteristic ‘Walschwanzflosse’ (rear spoiler). This gave the car more downforce and also the air flow to the engine was improved. Wider wheel arches and bigger tires provided more grip and stability. These adjustments gave the 930 a unique and instantly recognizable look.

From 1978 the engine capacity was increased to 3.3 liter and the engine was fitted with an intercooler, as a result the capacity of the 930 rose to a whopping 300 hp. The rear spoiler needed to be modified slightly to make room for the intercooler. In addition, the brakes were upgraded equal to that of the 917 race car.

Interesting fact is that the 3.0 models in the US, Canada and Japan had a lower output of 245 hp and the 3.3 liter a pinched power of 265 hp (282 hp in 1986). Therefore a EU model is more desirable.