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Fiat - 600 Multipla

600 Multipla
verkocht - Sold - Verkauft
Creme white and light blue
767cc 4 cylinder
32 bhp

Fiat 600 D Multipla (1961) Project car

The Fiat 600 Multipla is a variant of the regular Fiat 600 and was built from 1956 to 1965. The Multipla was officially introduced at the Autosalon of Brussels in January 1956.
The model was described as an "estate " (small minivan) with four or six seats respectively in two or three rows of two. The rear rows can be folded away so that there is a larger loading space. There are various Multipla which were used as a van or taxi.

The Multipla is just 30 cm longer than the standard Fiat 600. To accommodate six people, the front seats were moved forward as far as possible meaning that the driver is sitting right on top of the front axle. The 600 Multipla has the same four-cylinder engine as the regular Fiat 600. The engine is fitted at the rear and the car is rear-wheel driven.