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Mercedes - Mercedes Benz 500SL

Mercedes Benz 500SL
Black with beige leather interior
4973 cc SOHC V8 engine, 4 gear automatic
231 bhp / 170 kW

The Mercedes-Benz SL 500 is part of the R107 series. The Mercedes-Benz R107 is the factory designation for the Mercedes- Benz SL-Class built from 1971 to 1989. The R107 replaced the W113 (Pagode) in 1971 and was succeeded by the R129 in 1989 for the convertible models (SL).

Luxuriously equipped and superbly finished in the best traditions of Mercedes-Benz's top-of-the-range models, the 500SL convertible and 500SLC coupé were introduced at the Geneva Salon in March of 1980 alongside the outwardly similar 380SL/SLC. The '500' featured the all-alloy overhead-camshaft V8 engine that had debuted in the 450SLC 5.0 of 1977; more powerful yet less thirsty than the existing V8, this new 5.0-liter unit produced 235bhp at 4,750rpm, an output powerful enough to propel the 500SL to 225km/h (140mph). Although shorter in the wheelbase than the 450, the newcomer retained its predecessor's attractive and long-established body style, which now featured aerodynamic spoilers front and rear. The state-of-the-art running gear also remained essentially unchanged, though improvements were made to the all-independent suspension and to the brakes. A four-speed automatic transmission was standard.

The 500 SL was built by Mercedes- Benz under the same concept; sporty two-seater. Sportiness with limousine comfort and perfect quality. A quote from Motor Sport in 1980 sums it up: 'Introduced at the Geneva Show in 1980 the 500SL is the fastest car in the Mercedes range, and, apart from the Aston Martin Volante, is probably the fastest openable car in production. That is not to say that it is a wild, hairy chested sports car: it is not, being extremely docile and temperament free – which is what one expects from any car carrying the three pointed star.'

In the 80's, the 500SL was one of the best cars available on the market. Because of the combination of generous power, sleek modern looks and top quality, this model stood at the top of the automotive market. Even today, the driving comfort of these SL’s are still above expectations.

In recent years the 500 SL is growing into a real classic. The advice is not to wait too long to make a purchase because the general expectation is that prices for these cars will only increase.